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Tessa Delzoppo

Psychic Medium Tessa DelZoppo It was at the young age of four when I began seeing spirits enter my room during the night. Seeing spirits and ghosts repeatedly, and communicating with them nightly, led me to believe that it was a normal experience. It wasn't until the age of ten that I found out that seeing spirit wasn't something everyone experiences. I learned that My mother and grandmother had the same abilities, but they were suppressed due to the way people viewed them. I, however, chose not to suppress it. I received my first oracle card deck as a gift at the age of 16. Without reading the instructions I began giving readings and delivering messages. My ability to sense and communicate with spirit only grew stronger and more vivid. Being drawn to do so as a healer, I went on to receive a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Clinical mental health counseling. Even as a career I spent my time counseling, educating, and healing children and adults. Through training locally, as well as in the historic Lily Dale, NY, I began publicly giving readings and bringing healing to numerous people. I also received a certification as a Reiki Practitioner. My goal is to make it known that our loved ones ARE at peace and safe. Spirit CAN and does communicate from the other side; as well as to bring comfort and education for those who want to accept and develop their own abilities. I look forward to continuing on my path of healing and delivering some of the most beautiful messages from spirit.