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Welcome to the official page of The Super Con. We are an established fun filled & family friendly event that offers "something for everyone"   Super Con 5 will be held 11/10 & 11/11 2017 at The Haunted Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown,Ohio. Conveniently located by both Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio.

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More bio's and guests coming soon!

Rob Szarek
Darrel Whisman
Christopher Booth
Rachel Booth
Nicole Novelle

Carmen Reed
Keith Age Sal Lizard
Tim Woolworth Brian Danhausen

Jason McLeod
Deb Lantz
Todd Beistel
Wes Forsythe
Dawn Marino (R)

Lorie Johnson
John Ventre
Alex Matsuo
Ray Goosby
Eddie Simmers (R)

Tessa Delzoppo Dan Smith
Ben Peter
Lori Coffey
Jen Anderson (R)

Ron Coffey
Terence Muncy
Rob Hernandez
N. Dickendasher Brian Ingermann

Lisa Terio Joedy Cook
David Jones
Mike Stevenson George Richards

Philo Barnhardt
Fred Saluga Charles Moisant
Chris Maggard

Artist Alley

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