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Full list and times coming on or before Oct 1

Saturday 11/11/17
Lectures starting at 11:15 am!  
TWO Speaking rooms (A) (B)

Lectures / Speakers  to include:
Lorie Johnson
John Ventre
Carmen Reed
Pro Wrestling Panel
Horror Movie Stars
Sal Lizard
Terence Muncy
Deb Lantz
Tim Woolworth
Fred Saluga
Ben Peters
Philo Barnhardt
Darrel Whisman
Jason McLeod
Dan Smith
Nicole Novelle
Psychic Medium panels
Tessa Delzoppo
Lori Coffey
Ron Coffey
ITC Ghost Box
Rob Hernandez
Lisa Terio
George Richards
Bigfoot Research
Comic Book Artists Panel
Todd Beistel
Charles Moisant
Paranormal Authors
Brian Danhausen
Sommer Jones
Mike Stevenson
Haunted Poasttown